Here are Quick tips to restore the timeless beauty of American Walnut Veneer

Once looked upon as a poor relative of English Walnut Veneer, American Walnut Veneer or Black Walnut Veneer today stands as popular lumber worldwide for Acoustic Panels, Architectural Panels, Cabinetry, Ceilings, Conference Tables, Doors, Residential or Commercial Furniture, etc.

Black Walnut Veneer is rare and exceptional available in rich and dark beautiful swirling grain intermingled with clusters of burl. 

American Walnut Veneer or Black Walnut Veneer is a thin sheet of natural wood that is usually straight and even-grained, flat cut with steaky dark brown heartwood that may at times have a purple hue. It produces a beautiful cathedral pattern that might leave you spellbound. Black Walnut Veneer is acknowledged as a versatile, varied, and well-loved veneer with wider variety of figures than any other wood. Here are quick tips essential to know how to maintain its beauty and get optimum lifespan.


Cleaning American Walnut Veneer is as easy as cleaning some other surfacing materials. American Walnut Veneer requires regular cleaning and maintenance just like any other surface. However, it can be easily cleaned using a veneer cleaning solutions and a lint-free cloth, fortnightly. It is advisable to place the furniture crafted with Black Walnut Veneer away from direct sunlight. Avoid using detergents or soapy water when cleaning American Walnut Veneer sheets, or any other wood veneer surface, as it may cause damage.


To keep American walnut veneer surfaces new and evergreen, you can get them re-polished as and when needed. Before applying polish directly on the surface, it is advisable to remove any dust particles using sandpaper. We, at Su’veneers, suggest to use natural oil, branded acrylic, polyurethane, water-based, or polyester polish to get the best possible finish. For best result, we strongly recommended to buy wood veneers of 0.5mm thickness, to ensure better sustainability.  Also, it is suggestive to appoint a professional to get the job done.


Veneers tend to stain and these stains are quite prominent on light-coloured veneer sheets, whereas they are barely noticeable with dark veneer texture. Stains on decorative American Walnut Veneer surfaces appear when any other colored substance lands on it. If your American walnut veneer furniture catches stains, we would recommend you to immediately clean it with a stain-removing polish to clear the blemish. Using abrasive cleaning material might damage the surface.


American Walnut Veneers is widely certified sustainable source. This premium surfacing material enjoys many applications right from ceilings and floors to furniture. American Walnut Veneer is known to transform, protect, and beautify the surface of your interiors drastically. We at Su’ Veneers provides an array of exotic, unique, and high-grade American Walnut Veneer sheets that are designed to make any living space come alive.

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BOTANICAL NAME – Juglans Nigra

OTHER NAMES – Black Walnut I American Walnut I American Black Walnut I Re Cut Walnut I Qtd Walnut

ORIGIN – United States

GEOGRAPHIC REGION – Midwest I Lake States I Eastern United States

SPECIES CUTS – Flat Cut I Quartered I Rift Cut I Rotary Cut

FIGURE – Burl I Fiddleback I Crotch I Mottle

PROCESSED – Reconstituted I Rough Cut


COLOUR TONES – Brown I Multi